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Workplace Risk Assessments

We now offer workplace Risk Management Assessments at very reasonable rates. We not only identify obvious risks such as faulty electrical wiring or artists working with poor lighting and toxic chemicals but also the potentially expensive risks to an organisation that may result from litigation. These can be avoided with solution based recommendations.

By identifying all of these risks, we offer a written solutions report ranging from mediation, use of alternative non-toxic chemicals, through to removal of hazards. All assessments are carried out to bring the workplace in to alignment with the Queensland Health & Safety Act.

In addition to dispute resolution, we improve business operations through our guideline recommendations and through the practice of inclusivity.

With my experience as a professional artist working in many studios and institutions, I am familiar with many of the common and uncommon health hazards within the arts industry. I have legal qualifications as well as those of my nationally accredited risk management certificate that was administered through QCAN.

For $500, I provide organisations with an extensive report that identifies all existing health hazards.

Garry Andrews, owner of Garry Art Gallery on Hope Island, Gold Coast, said "Doktor-frock Risk Management Services have assisted my business with a thorough identification of the health risks in my art gallery. With the written solutions Corinne recommended, I was able to remove or alleviate those risks. This has saved me time and money."