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Performance Art

The relevance of performance art to visual art according to 'wikipedia' is to explore the relationship between the artist and audience. The viewer is offered the opportunity to gain access to the art world and to be a spectator of its ritual and distinct community. Performance art has been a mainstay of Corinne's artistic endeavours for many years.

In 2008, Corinne conducted a performance at the Robina Community Centre and produced a DVD of the performance that is now held in the collection of the Gold Coast City Art Gallery. In that performance, Corinne performs a series of satirical frock "fit-ins" with attitude and "prize winning" gestures. The performance is also a send-up of reality television such as "The Greatest Loser" which exploits obesity for cheap entertainment.

Below: The title of this piece is 'weigh-in' which refers to the on-going debate surrounding contemporary art dialogue and the question of what is art and what defines art that is selected for exhibition. This includes the issue of why humour, feminist art and performance art are often assessed as not being sufficiently intellectual. The concept of the performance is informed by feminist theory, the humour of Kaz Cooke and Judy Horecek and Gold Coast beach wear design. The costume is constructed from fun-frilled found materials including a plastic blow up swimming pool with matching floaties.