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Corinne Colbert

Doktor Frock, aka Corinne Colbert is an established artist, designer and art teacher living and working on the Gold Coast in southern Queensland, Australia.

Corinne's work as an artist examines feminist stereotypes using, among other things, the frock in all its different forms as a signature symbol and metaphor for the feminine aesethetic. Through her fixed sculptures, living sculptures (performance art) and mounted works, Corinne continues to explore and create an important dialogue about identity and social status in the world today. Almost all of Corinne's remarkable work is made from recycled materials.

Among other artistic activities, Corinne has completed a series of successful exhibitions since completing her Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Griffith University in 2005. Her solo exhibition Romancing the Frock at Logan Art Gallery was highly successful as was her more recent exhibition Romancing Fashion at George Petelin Gallery on the Gold Coast (see below).


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